Power Generation Solutions

We have the capability and technical knowledge to do the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Solar Power Plants. We work very closely with you to support your needs with the optimum solution.

Our dedicated projects team has the ability to work anywhere – anytime delivering the right solution within the targeted deadlines and allocated budget.


Agriculture Irrigation Solutions

Sudan has always become the food supplier for the region. Considering the ‎booming agriculture business and continuous expansion for lands, and the ‎limited available infrastructure for power supply, TOP ENERGY provides the optimum ‎solutions for individuals and firms working in remote areas and have the ‎ambitious to expand their coverage areas.‎ In addition farmers are using diesel for small scale farms supplying their ‎vegetables with Nile water. We in TOP ENERGY are concerned about the limited resources ‎people who cannot afford for big solutions. Hence, we do support them and ‎facilitate their works providing real economical solution.

Off/On Grid Systems for Buildings (Industrial, Residential, and Commercial):

Energy consumption bills have always been the headache for individuals, manufacturers, entities and every single business owner. Therefore, TOP ENERGY offers a very unique dual system that serves Off/On grid which will cut the electricity bill significantly.

Manufacturers and fabrication plants will cut their production cost which will be reflected on their direct Profit.

Telecom Towers Solutions

Telecom towers have also become vital need for every single person regardless his/her location, and telecom companies are always looking for secure, reliable and cost effective solution, which TOP ENERGEIES offers.